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New Products of Umbrella

*Beautiful Myanmar Traditional Umbrella Made by the Cotton and the bamboo
(All kinds of Umbrella can be available for your favourite size, colour and designs)



Since I came back from the trip of myauk-u city [Ancient city of Rakhine], l can't forget about BYARLA. I saw them on the walls of ancient pagodas{14-16 AD}.

Byarlas are creatures of peace most are wearing smiling faces; combined with 9 parts of animal bodies. lt is well recognized as a mascot bringing good luck to one's home; location or life thus images of Byarla used to be integrated onto pagodas; places; monasteries; monuments; gates; moats; buildings etc. These Byarlas are started from the century of wai-thar-li; lay-myo to myauk-u[14-16 AD] And till these days we can see on Myauk-U's ancient pagodas. As wall paintings and as sculptures too. Even ancient Ra-khine used Byarla sculptures on clay pipes for wedding ceremonies. Byarlas are not even Mythical creatures but also they have their own qualities and historical records. so; l felt that they are more adorable; precious and more interesting to look and concern what ancient people wanted to give messages to us.

Body parts of Byarla [ they called BYARL too]

1. Dragon's crest [or] Elephant's trunk
2. Deer's eyes
3. Horn of Rhinoceros
4. Tongue of parrot
5. Ear of Elephant [or] Horse
6. Tail of Peacock [or] Camari Bird
7. Teeth of Tiger
8. Torso of Kayak [or] Fish scales
9. Lion's mane or legs or hands or Head [or] Ka ra weik Bird"s mane

Dragon powerful in sky + lands + oceans
Elephant one of the four precious things of ancient Royal kingdom
Deer beauty; innocent and purity
Rhinoceros Rhino has only a horn but it can attack or defense to elephant; tiger and even lion. lt is very strong and brave but never show his strength to weak animals, never use its strength to attack to small animals
Parrot best in talk
Horse one of the four precious things of ancient Royal kingdom
Peacock Dancing means happy life, resting means peaceful life
Camari Bird King of the birds/ symbol of brave soldier/ show the beauty;/ good leader; /have a lots of followers
Tiger tiger’s teeth are sharp and strong/ Never step back when need to attack./ Give afraid ness to others Brave and obedient to family.
Kayak politeness./ Beauty;/ Gracefully movement;/ Peaceful
Fish Love. Wealthy / Ra-Khine wedding's lunch. they decorate with 2 fried fish with scales. scales
Ka ra weik Bird Beautiful Voice /Its mane has 6 colours/ Every people always want to watch and want to listen its voice/ Never has enemies
Lion king of the Jungle/Powerful/Has pride, Brave/ Get respect automatically from others/ Never eat grass even starve to die; only alive prey is its food

Byarlas are so interesting so since I came back from Myauk-u;

I keep on thinking about them. Even sometimes in my dreams; they are appearing gracefully walking; dancing; jumping .climbing up and down on my walls.

So, I have no choice except draw and paint down on canvas about these unforgettable beautiful creatures.





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