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PROFILE OF Myanma Traditional Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shwe Pathein Umbrellas Showrooms

Our company produces Myanmar Traditional Pathein Umbrellas which are long time and still famous hand made products.

Many kinds of umbrellas are produced in many countries, but Myanmar Traditional Umbrellas are specific and distinctive among them, because of interesting natural raw materials and workmanship. As the location of production in Pathein, these umbrellas are well known and called Pathein Umbrellas (Pathein Htee).

Pathein Umbrellas have been produced since over one century of service period. Firstly those are known for fashion, for monks and for giving presents, but we have shown other useful facilities in home decorations, gardens, beaches, hotels, motels and restaurants with various designs and colours.

For Souvenir Presents : Please open your focus on Pathein Umbrellas, you will find the most suitable, attractive and reasonable for your friends as well as sweet heart!
For your Room Decoration : The lovely mini umbrellas of Table Stand Type are ready to participate!
For your Garden Gathering : Garden Erecting Big Umbrellas will solve the necessity by giving pleasant shade and good looking appearance. You will get shady, happy and lucky benefits from Pathein Htee. Beach and Hotel big Umbrellas available.


Parasol Umbrella
Monk Umbrella
Bagan Design
Decorate Umbrella
Table Umbrella
Garden Beach Umbrella
Beautiful Lucky Lamp Table Parasol
Fancy Umbrella
    Product Of Umbrella
Bagan Design
Bagan Shwe Design
Bamboo And Wooden Stick
Six Angle

Myanma Traditional Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Yangon Office
Shwe Pathein Office & Umbrella Shop

No.104, Ground Flr, 50 st , Middle Block , Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon , Myanmar/ Tel & Fax : 01-292446, 01-9010288
Mobile : 09-5105479, 09-799994510, 09-786320998, 09-8617294 
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Bagan Office
Shwe Pathein Umbrella Workshop
Bagan Nyaung Oo, Wet Gyi Inn, Nyaung Oo ( Bagan ) , Myanmar
Mobile : 09-5105479, 09-799994510, 09-43025116, 09-43025117
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